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[DIR] Parent Directory 21-Jul-2007 20:32 - [SND] Adele - Hello 03-Apr-2017 11:09 9.3M [SND] Adele - 25 02-May-2017 02:32 3.0M [SND] Adele - 21 25-Mar-2017 10:17 2.8M [SND] Adele - 19 28-Jan-2017 20:25 4.8M [SND] Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover) 30-Apr-2017 07:10 0.1M [SND] Adele - Water Under the Bridge 10-Feb-2017 13:39 6.0M [SND] Adele - Rolling in the Deep 28-Mar-2017 13:25 1.2M [SND] Adele - Someone Like You 08-Feb-2017 15:06 7.1M [SND] Adele - When We Were Young 14-Mar-2017 12:28 3.5M [SND] Adele - Make You Feel My Love 07-Mar-2017 10:06 6.7M [SND] Adele - Skyfall (Full Length) 29-Mar-2017 03:55 1.0M [SND] Adele - Set Fire to the Rain 26-Mar-2017 12:21 6.2M [SND] Adele - Rumour Has It 17-Apr-2017 10:22 2.1M [SND] Adele - All I Ask 15-Feb-2017 08:15 1.1M [SND] Adele - Sweetest Devotion 06-Apr-2017 10:04 4.2M [SND] Adele - Chasing Pavements 31-Mar-2017 21:41 0.6M [SND] Adele - Million Years Ago 30-Apr-2017 19:38 8.6M [SND] Adele - Best of Adele 28-Feb-2017 23:04 9.0M [SND] Adele - I Miss You 13-May-2017 07:18 0.9M [SND] Adele - Remedy 17-May-2017 02:49 6.4M [SND] Adele - Lovesong 05-Feb-2017 09:00 2.4M [SND] Adele - Rolling In The Deep [Explicit] 06-Mar-2017 15:32 6.7M [SND] Adele - Turning Tables 21-Apr-2017 16:09 9.6M [SND] Adele - Make You Feel My Love (Live At Wxpn) 12-May-2017 20:27 3.9M [SND] Adele - One And Only 02-Apr-2017 18:40 3.9M [SND] Adele - Don't You Remember 13-Mar-2017 10:33 8.4M [SND] Adele - Hometown Glory 26-Apr-2017 02:49 7.9M [SND] Adele Harley - Come Into My Life 13-May-2017 06:59 8.6M [SND] Adele - Love in the Dark 26-Mar-2017 03:19 5.1M [SND] Adele - River Lea 26-Jan-2017 22:09 6.4M [SND] Adele - I'll Be Waiting 10-Apr-2017 00:07 6.3M [SND] Adele - Someone Like You 09-Feb-2017 14:37 2.0M [SND] Adele - He Won't Go 06-May-2017 20:29 7.1M [SND] Thomas Newman - Skyfall 15-Feb-2017 10:32 6.8M [SND] Adele - Daydreamer (Album Version) 16-Feb-2017 06:50 4.6M [SND] Adele - Hiding My Heart 19-Apr-2017 04:47 4.8M [SND] Adele - Take It All 06-Mar-2017 20:00 0.6M [SND] Adele - Crazy For You (Album Version) 22-Apr-2017 16:03 3.5M [SND] Ed Sheeran - Pop After Work 06-May-2017 15:41 9.7M [SND] Hello I'm Adele - Rolling In The Deep 27-Apr-2017 04:16 1.8M [SND] Adele - Best For Last (Album Version) 10-Feb-2017 03:17 7.9M [SND] Sing To Adele - Rolling In The Deep 17-Mar-2017 20:44 8.3M [SND] Adele - Hello 05-Mar-2017 16:45 5.6M [SND] We Love Adele - Rolling In The Deep 06-May-2017 09:27 7.7M [SND] Adele - Cold Shoulder (Album Version) 11-Apr-2017 00:47 7.2M [SND] Adele - Someone Like You 23-Jan-2017 03:57 7.5M [SND] Kevin "K.O." Olusola - Adele Medley (Someone Like You / ... 20-Mar-2017 08:17 6.0M [SND] Adele - Right As Rain (Album Version) 24-Mar-2017 21:33 3.4M [SND] Adele Anthony - Glass, P.: Violin Concerto / Company / P... 01-Mar-2017 22:50 4.2M [SND] Genero - Someone Like You (Originally Performed by Adele... 15-Mar-2017 16:44 4.6M [SND] Adele Anthony - Glass, P.: Violin Concerto / Company / P... 24-Mar-2017 01:31 7.5M [SND] Adele Anthony - Glass, P.: Violin Concerto / Company / P... 16-Mar-2017 04:39 4.4M [SND] Adele Harley - I Can`t Make You Love Me 28-Apr-2017 04:04 9.0M [SND] Adele - First Love (Album Version) 25-Feb-2017 17:49 4.7M [SND] Adele - Tired (Album Version) 11-Mar-2017 01:14 5.9M [SND] Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour 13-Mar-2017 23:53 0.5M [SND] L'orchestra Cinematique - Skyfall (Originally by Adele) 17-Apr-2017 00:10 0.9M [SND] Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby Renditions of Adele 17-Feb-2017 05:11 1.5M [SND] Joyner Lucas - Say Hello to Adele [Explicit] 09-Mar-2017 07:01 6.8M [SND] Hello I'm Adele - Someone Like You 23-Feb-2017 03:37 3.6M [SND] Hello I'm Adele - Someone Like You 21-Feb-2017 23:09 5.6M [SND] Adele - Melt My Heart To Stone (Album Version) 30-Jan-2017 08:16 0.7M [SND] Adele Harley - Come Back Home 13-Mar-2017 15:02 3.3M [SND] Adele Harley - Sixth Street 10-Feb-2017 20:46 0.3M [SND] STEFY-K - Water Under the Bridge (Remix Dance) 23-Feb-2017 14:37 5.2M [SND] R Master - Set Fire to the Rain (Karaoke Version) (Origi... 07-Apr-2017 17:40 5.7M [SND] Sing To Adele - Someone Like You 08-May-2017 21:22 2.9M [SND] Gynmusic Studios - Someone Like You (Karaoke Version in ... 08-Apr-2017 07:25 3.5M [SND] We Love Adele - Someone Like You 13-Mar-2017 10:52 6.8M [SND] Adele - Hometown Glory (Radio Edit) 27-Apr-2017 14:11 0.3M [SND] R Master - Set Fire to the Rain (Karaoke Version With Me... 18-Mar-2017 12:50 2.9M [SND] L'orchestra Cinematique - An Instrumental Tribute to Ade... 01-Apr-2017 09:58 2.5M [SND] Bernard Clifton, George Gershwin Adele Astaire - S Wonde... 25-Feb-2017 11:04 6.3M [SND] Two Seconds Away - Chasing Pavements (Adele Cover) 30-Apr-2017 01:24 6.2M [SND] Adèle & Zalem - Pure Pulse 20-Mar-2017 20:34 7.8M [SND] Adele Morgan - Let There Be Peace On Earth 15-May-2017 07:40 1.2M [SND] Amy Winehouse - Back To Black [Explicit] 01-May-2017 01:10 1.5M [SND] STEFY-K - Hello (Remix Dance) 16-May-2017 23:40 1.5M [SND] Adèle Anderson - Everything Happens to Me 22-Mar-2017 06:22 2.2M [SND] Céline Dion;James Horner - GRAMMY-Winning Recordings 13-Feb-2017 01:08 3.4M [SND] Laila Adèle - Blame It All on You 14-Mar-2017 17:32 3.8M [SND] Hello I'm Adele - Rolling In The Deep 26-Jan-2017 08:01 7.3M [SND] Michelle Simonal - When We Were Young 07-Apr-2017 01:35 5.5M [SND] Magical Piano Player - Make You Feel My Love (Instrument... 22-Feb-2017 21:45 0.4M [SND] G & MacHines Morgan - Don't You Remember? 01-Mar-2017 21:38 9.8M [SND] Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox feat. Adele Anderson ... 29-Jan-2017 03:58 9.0M [SND] Sam Smith - Sam Smith and More 14-Apr-2017 17:26 8.6M [SND] Go Radio - Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover) 29-Jan-2017 22:56 8.4M [SND] Christina Perri - In Flight: Pop 24-Feb-2017 04:58 8.2M [SND] Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox feat. Robyn Adele And... 04-Feb-2017 01:35 3.0M [SND] The Orchestral Academy Of Los Angeles - Set Fire to the ... 02-Mar-2017 22:21 9.7M [SND] The Key of Awesome - "Send My Love" - Parody of Adele's ... 27-Mar-2017 00:55 1.6M [SND] L'orchestra Cinematique - Skyfall 12-Feb-2017 05:40 1.5M [SND] Cvdb - Hello (feat. Shai) [Remix to Adele] 22-Apr-2017 09:11 0.8M [SND] Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox feat. Robyn Adele And... 15-Apr-2017 17:29 9.6M [SND] Amazonics - Hello 16-Mar-2017 17:05 4.4M [SND] Sing To Adele - Rolling In The Deep 13-Mar-2017 04:00 4.1M [SND] Piano Dreamers - Make You Feel My Love 06-Apr-2017 16:00 0.2M [SND] Adele - My Same (Album Version) 05-Feb-2017 00:39 5.5M [SND] Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) 02-May-2017 09:41 8.7M